Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well, anong bago? Itong post ko. Wahehe. It's been another year before I put another post here.

So much has happened.

1. Jaynna's growth can no longer be stopped, as expected.
2. I'm now a part-time University instructor in PUP (eh saan pa nga ba?).
3. Finally, I have entered the stock market. Riding the bulls, eh.

So far, I find teaching in PUP a challenge. I've got 4 different subjects and 5 classes to attend per week. With my full-time job, it's truly hard to fit everything together in harmony. As far as I can tell, I'm not actually giving all my best in all of them. The worst subject I've held so far is Research. It's time consuming and I'm not confident handling it. Finance subjects are very easy to handle because it's what I studied and I have plenty of experience on the matter. Teaching is really a vocation. It's not financially rewarding but it's a very fulfilling endeavor.

For my stocks, I initially bought SMPH, JFC and ICT for my long-term portfolio. For my short-term portfolio, I bought PNB but considering the price today, I'm changing my strategy to long-term na lang (in short, I chickened out. wahehe).

I won't promise that I will update this often because when I do, I break it.

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