Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hello my dear friends! I missed you all, especially the kalipips and my college barkadas. Seems like I've been from a space voyage and finally, I've landed back here on Earth.

Now that I'm back, I wanted to share just a few thoughts which made me blissful for the past months.

1. Last 01 July 2008, I took the licensure examination for money market and foreign exchange traders conducted by the consortium of Ateneo Graduate School of Business and Bankers Association of the Philippines. The truth is, I really had a stressful time during the pre-examination seminar since I had to digest all the basic concepts which were not so basic at all. Since my career was at stake, I really studied like I never studied before. Good enough, I passed all modules on money market, foreign exchange and code of ethics. This confers me the title of Certified Treasury Professional.

2. Just this month, I saw my babe stand up for less than 5 seconds. But for me, it was like eternity. I was so happy. This was the second time because the first time she stood, she was with Jay. Still, it was a bliss.

3. Lastly, I got back to the university to finally finish my MBA. I'm now focused on my thesis. Well, I just thought it's about time for me to earn my master's degree.

These happy thoughts made me realize that happiness has always been right there peeking in our eyes. It's just how we see them. Happiness can come from the simple smile that your baby gives you to the achievements that we earn from our career.

I hope you guys have happy thoughts to share, too! Write me at dbabadilla@sbgfc.org.ph. I'll be glad to hear from you.

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