Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This day must be different.

First, I found out that I left my zipper open.

Second, I found out that the Liberal Party is falling apart. I was shocked when I read in Business World today that the Supreme Court has decided yesterday, 9-5 in favor of Sen. Drilon’s presidency over the Liberal Party. First thing I did was to call my good friend kuya Jan to confirm the news. This is such a bad thing for the LP because it will definitely fall apart. Why? With Drilon heading, I’m sure all the LP leaders will now take oath under Lakas. Well, that’s good news for Drilon because he can recruit his “coup plotter” friends in the Liberal. I bet their membership slogan will now say: “calling all opposition and genuine anti-government leaders, come join the Drilon-led Liberal Party.”

Though all of this happened in the Liberal Party, I will still remain a liberal. I know I need not be a member of this Party to exercise liberalism. Liberalism is not in the name, it is in the heart and soul. Drilon may claim the Liberal Party for all I care but he cannot take away the liberal values that I have -- one that I doubt he ever had.


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