Thursday, February 01, 2007


For more than two weeks, it's either our internet connection or blogger itself that was down which was giving all of us a headache. Now, that it's already super fast, I'm getting back to my old habit of blogging again.

Actually, I already created another wordpress account due to the inefficiency of blogger; since wordpress loads faster. I thought the connection problem was gonna last for more than one month. But now that it's back, I'm thinking about deleting the blog I created in wordpress.

Anyway, I've got lots of story to tell you. I'll probably write many posts today.

These past few days, I'm getting into another identity crisis once again; specifically in what I really wanted to do with my life. In my last post, I was ready to reach the stars. Now, there are so many stars that I want to reach. I'm very confused. But I'm sure in a couple of days, I will be able to sort out my plans. Sana lang, I still have the format of Sir Eli's dreamchart... I'm sure it will be of big help.


Last week, I was planning to take up Mandarin classes in Dela Salle but I decided to take it up probably next March at the Confucious Institute in Ateneo whenever available. I still have to save money for that.

Actually, I was thinking of not taking it up at all. Kasi nga, when I was asking God for a sign if I should take it up, I ran into this blog YouDieHard who hated Tsinoys. Kakatawa talaga. He said the Chinese need not make another military weapon kasi daw, umutot lang daw sila ng sabay-sabay, patay na kalaban. Really funny.

Then, there I was, really decided on not taking it up. And then, grabe mare, coincidence talaga. I got a sideline as a researcher. I was commissioned to research on the trade developments of Philippines and China. Oh di ba. San ka pa? Grabeng sign na ito. It's a good intellectual exercise din pala to have something to study about from time to time. So iyon, I earned a couple of bucks squeezing my brain out on the project.

After I finished the China project, I had another commission right away. It's about the book the "Unholy Trinity." Basically, it discusses about the three international financial institutions: International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Trade Organization. Grabe mare, I was so consumed by the book. It's quite hard to squeeze in the thoughts to my brain talaga. It's like I have to read every sentence three times before I get the meaning. Gosh! Mare, it's a good alternative to counting sheep, I tell you. I found the best medicine for insomniacs. Pero, as I told you, I was consumed by it. Ang lupit talaga! Panalo yung mga opinions. Just wait till I finish the book before I tell you the whole "Unholy Trinity" story. I think after reading it, I will be a full-pledged anti-American. Hahaha. Just kidding. I still have to learn more from it. Nasa chapter 2 pa lang ako pero feeling ko I'm already an authority in international economics. Lupit no? Ang lakas ng hangin. Hahaha.


Can anyone give me a good pimple-fighting product? I'll probably have lots of pimples after I read the entire book. Kasi naman, I sleep at around 3 o'clock in the morning just to get through the whole chapter. That's why nagpopropagate na naman ang whole pimple clan.

... to be continued

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