Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Being blog silent doesn't mean nothing's happening to a me.

November has been a crazy month for me. There's the case of the Liberal Party with the Comelec and now the Supreme Court. Emotions, particularly tension, have been high in the office. I admit I've been writing a lot about it but I'm having a hard time putting conclusions to it. It's really hard to criticize leaders you once looked upon with admiration. I'm not closing my doors to the possibility of understanding their convictions, so I prefer keeping my thoughts to myself. But by the time I am firm with my critique, I will not hesitate to publish it here.

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LP NECO Members raising their hands in support of the leadership of Mayor Lito Atienza
during the LP Leaders Meeting on November 13, 2006 at the Manila Hotel

December is what every entrepreneur is looking forward to every year. It's when the world's economic activity shoots up. It's the month of wealth generation as well as wealth spending. Sana lang, mas malaki ang magenerate kesa maspend, di ba? I have this business motto: God showers the world with opportunities, it's just a matter of grabbing it. People who are rich now, have grabbed them and never let them go. I've been given the gift of eye for art and lots of patience. So I used it for my Donnabeads. Good thing, my friends and my friend's friends appreciated them and some have patronized them. Maybe because I charge super low. I don't mind as long as I bring happiness to those who will wear my beads, that's enough bliss for me. My bracelet and earrings set cost 60 to 150 depending on the beads. You may visit it at www.donnabeads.blogspot.com.

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My favorite beadwork for November

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