Friday, September 08, 2006


I grew up mostly in the city of Makati. I witnessed how bridges mushroomed along the avenues. I remember seeing one or two towers rise every now and then from the window of our house. I used to jog within the vicinity of Fort Bonifacio, where lush greeneries provide joggers with the scent of nature. Then we moved to Quezon City, Rizal and finally, I stayed in Manila.

A few years later, I came back to Makati. I find myself foreign in my hometown. What used to be the children's playground and basketball court along the street is now a busy flyover. The towers I used to see can never be seen because a flyover now blocked the sight. The trees I used to play under have been knocked down; developers must have preferred the sight of a concrete rather than a tree. The peaceful and friendly Makati now became a busy place full of indifferent people. They say, this is the "heart of the metro" where the Philippine economy is based.

The place I stay now, Manila, is nowhere different from Makati. The place is filled with long traffic jams, big business establishments, webs of electric wires jumbled in the horizon and busy people all over.

All these time, I was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the urb. I was in the verge of believing that this was the only place that exists until I travelled... My travel started at the very least, Laguna. As I grew older, the distance seemed to go further. Until the farthest that I traveled where I can see the Pacific Ocean, which is Catanduanes.

My journey will probably go further as my purse grows bigger. As of now, I content myself with the free journey that the internet is giving me - videos.

Philippine Tourism Video Presentation

Tara Na! Byahe Tayo!

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