Thursday, July 20, 2006


When I was young, I have always been fascinated how the heavenly bodies light the night sky. I even dreamt of becoming an astronaut. I remember riding a swing and looking up in the sky as if the swing would shoot me off the heavens.

One of the magnificent bodies the universe has is the black hole.

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A black hole is a concentration of mass whose gravitational field is so strong that nothing can escape it. It has been theorized that a black hole, because of the presence of the strong gravitational field, distorts the space time or simply said, it stretches time. This creates the possibility of having a "multiverse" as opposed to the idea of having only one "universe." Scientists have gone through so many analysis on the different possibilities that black holes present due to its time distortion. There is one institute in California that study black holes and other bodies with massive gravitational fields through the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA). This is a really very interesting subject in the field of Astronomy. (www.lisa.jpl.nasa.gov)

I wonder where the Philippine government has gone as far as this subject is concerned. With a scale of 10, how far have we gone? Of all the DOST scholars funded by the government, who had the initiative to enhance our learning in the field of Astronomy? It may not be that important to us Filipinos but what about thinking outside the box? We often befuddle ourselves with political issues and anybody may argue that it is more important; but importance is relative.

When can we have another Albert Einstein? How long do we have to wait? Why can't it be a Filipino? Why can't we think beyond what we already know? It's grim. I do not know the answer.

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